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Active Wellness

    Join Activity And Wellness

          engaged seniors lead richer, more satisfying lives. So at Quince travels active wellness means we have designed a comprehensive program of activities and events which will bring recreation, well-being and independence to the life of 50 and above aged senior citizens.

  1. If you or your partner is an older adult, join the Quince travels today to begin your plans for an active retirement life.
  2. If your parents or in-laws are away from you and you are worried about their loneliness and well-being, contact us for program details.

         Participating in recreational physical activity not only reduces almost every risk of disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes but also improve cognitive health.

        Session Topic:

         With 2 Days Hotel Booking.

       e-booking Cab, flight and rail tickets

      Online Music and Video

        Online Shopping

       Microsoft Word and PDF

       Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram

      Course Duration: 2 Days Session

     Participants: Men and women of age 50 to 80.

        Call us on (+91 6363315229) today to know about upcoming workshop date.

activity welllness

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