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Corporate Activities

List Of Corporate Activities

1. Bull Ring. (45 mins)
Here we use the element of situational leadership. The participants will have to achieve a given target of transporting an object from one point to another point. Once the activity starts the participants will go through some constraints and challenges. At times they will also need to collaborate with other teams to get to the desired target. We will have 6 teams of 10pax each going head to head to complete the task.
2. Catapult Challenge. (45 mins)
The teams will be divided into 6 sub-teams. Each team will be given resources to build their own unique catapult. At the end of the build, a projectile will be given. The further the projectile goes, maximum points will be scored.
3. Tight Tube Fit. (15 mins)
As the name suggests, we engage the mindset and pre-notion of participants and show them that more can be achieved given that they think outside the box.
4. Longest line. (15 mins)
The sub-teams are required to make the longest possible linked line. Longest line wins. Now there are multiple possibilities and options that the team can harness.
5. Energizer activities (2 to 5 mins)
We will also be doing a few energizer activities to uplift the energy levels and create a wow factor.

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