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Amanvana Resort Coorg

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Amanvana Resort Coorg

Amanvana EIGHT ISLAND LUXURY RESORT AT COORG Escape is the norm. To ‘get away’ from it all. Relaxation is the aim and comfort in every aspect. Simple, yet sophisticated at AMANVANA we want to cater to a yearning for returning to the essentials and to remind ourselves what the essentials really are The FIVE dots on our logo depict the senses that get heightened as you drive down into the gates of AMANVANA spa on the river Kaveri. At Amanvana luxury boutique spa resort the flora-fauna is home to over 17 species of birds many of which have their nests in the courtyards of the bungalows.
Waking up to their chirping is the best way to wake up and smell the roses. ROSES every bungalow has a few of them. Vibrant colours that make you feel alive and probably want to even make you smell their sweet scent. The promoters of Amanvana have taken care not to fell a single tree on their premises thereby even changing the position of a few bungalows as well as their conference hall activity centre in order to save them. From the bustling road outside, a door opens into a world where there is a sense of calm a journey from the chaos to the sublime. One of the greatest impressions that this place makes is on the eye. The aesthetic look combines with the tranquillity of the river that flows at its own pace.

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