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Evolve Back Kabini (Orange County Kabini)

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Evolve Back Kabini (Orange County Kabini)

Orange County’s Spirit of the land philosophy finds its most intimate expression at Kabini, where you are drawn into the vibrant social tapestry of the local Kadu Kuruba tribe. While you discover a vernacular dimension to luxury that’s truly liberating, the resort gives you a wildlife experience like no other. Inspired in design by the Hadis or tribal villages, this picturesque resort of sweeping panoramic vistas, is bordered on two sides by the Kabini River.

The legend and romance of Kabini plays out in a theatre called Nagarhole, and revolves around a pristine river called Kabini (originally Kapila) that snakes its way through the Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka, and forms an aqueous boundary with the Bandipur National Park. Together, this area constitutes the largest contiguous forest cover in this part of the world and is part of the Nilgiri biosphere, the largest in Asia, and home to the largest concentration of herbivores in Asia. And herbivores don’t get larger than the Asiatic elephant, whose favourite playground this is. At Nagarhole, one can witness the largest congregation of Asiatic Elephants in the world, and these majestic mammals rule the roost here. While the lead actors may be largely herbivorous, the support cast consists of three major predators in the Tiger, Leopard and Dhole or Wild Dog, with all three co-existing in high densities. A feature unique to Nagarhole.

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